14 December 2018 | Dudelange, Luxembourg
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14 December 2018
Dudelange, Luxembourg
IMI: Medical data valorisation and sustainability

The conference will focus on the outcomes of current Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) projects and discuss future trends that are becoming increasingly important in IMI and beyond. The transversal theme of the event are medical and real world data and their sustainability.


IMI projects have been at the forefront of bridging gaps between (pre) clinical research with the needs of the pharmaceutical industry and the patients in particular. In this conference, we bring together experts covering the whole innovation value chain, in particular those who are currently involved in IMI projects. Networking between these actors will be an important element of the conference. 

Data sustainability: The current and future challenge of health research lies in the (secure) exchange, cross-connection and sustainable storage of data from a growing number of sources (multi-omics, imaging, real world data, citizen science…).  

Luxembourg has been an epicenter of secure and effective data storage and connectivity for years and our local experts will be happy to discuss their best practices.


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